Today feels like it will be a good day. My hands are one les

Today feels like it will be a good day. My hands are one less shade of red and on their way to covering from this horrid, many months long, flare up. They are noticeably looking better. Usually when they are getting better that seems to be when then skin wants to itch the most so I want to stay motivated and proactive about keeping distracted and scratch free. Good thing allergy medicine exists.

Does coconut oil help at all?

@CKBlossom I tried it once as I really like coconut oil but it made it itch. I was hoping it’d help with the dryness but no go. I am currently using Dr. Teals coconut oil body lotion. It still causes the skin to burn a little bit and minor irritation but it’s works better than most the stuff I’ve tried. I’ve been putting it on a lot especially after washing hands and I think the skin is getting a bit more use to it. Not perfect but it’s helps a little.

Just a tip as a lifelong patient of eczema, I cut my fingernails really short - usually every 12 days.

@Live_On Oh yeah, I do too. This type of Eczema affects my finger nails as well so I take finger nail care pretty serious.