Update on life

Id like to apologize if i didnt respond to your comments on my post - i do find this new design a bit confusing but post i guess just to vent.

Since last summer ive been on a roll of emotions.

Ive pretty much cut my sister out of my life - not completely just enough to be civil for the kids but we are no where near as close as we were.

I realized since ive been living for everyone esle but me so since ive been housesitting with my boyfriend ive been just living life the best way i can,i even got my second job back and aniexty is at a bare minimum.

The odd thing the past week is Ive been actually been feeling happy. My emotions are happy to a point i dont know how to handle it , waiting for the other shoe to drop because normally i cant get more then 1 good day

Heres to living life and i hope whoever reads this finds their strength to just live life each day to the best of their ability and get the peace you deserve

We are so glad you are doing well and are back! This is a great way to check on everything that has happened since the last time you were on so you don’t miss anything:


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