Updates About My Life

I’ve been going to physical therapy. I’m bored with my life because I’m seeking new hobbies and experiences, I’ve lost interest in my old hobbies, and my days are the same. I can’t wait until my physical pain disappears, get a physical job, and engage in activities that I used to do before my injury from 2022. I miss socializing.

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Is the physical therapy helping? What is one thing you are working towards in regards to getting back to your old life?

I’ve improved on the physical therapy exercises that I’m doing. The physical pain is still at the same level. It’s worse now that the cold season is here. Everything that I used to do before my injury are on pause so there’s nothing I get excited about right now.

I don’t feel good overall in the winter months and I am not great at the whole friends things, but reading and Prime reading has given me a lot of joy lately. I am a book nerd I know.

I’m taking a break from reading because the books that I used to enjoy aren’t giving me joy. I’m glad that you’re getting joy out of reading.

I love Kindle Unlimited, I have found so many books, it is like 12 or so dollars a month on Amazon, I don’t feel guilty checking out a ton of books, if I like it, great, don’t, take a break or just don’t finish it.

What were the hobbies you had before? I found out i like to see birds, and i always find cats on people’s windows, my friends are always impressed by how i can always find cats

Physical activities, reading, and singing. I wish I could find new hobbies that don’t require money and don’t trigger physical pain.

Singing hurts now? Damn i wish i could help you with some ideas but im bad at this, one of the books i enjoyed reading is trinkets by Kirsten smith, its an easy read, we can do some brainstorming to find something

It doesn’t hurt. Singing is one of the old hobbies that I’ve lost interest in.

How come?

If you’ve ever lost interest in a hobby, then you’d understand.

Ive lost interest in everything in my life…

How are you doing hun? Have you ever tried online games, not the ones you spend money on, but like wordle?

How are you doing hun, I miss everyone.

Today specially im having feelings i dont like, remembering how adult life is awful and how everything evolves around money and how difficult it is to life without it, i feel childish for thinking we could have a society where money is not the ruler. Wbu?

Everything is really expensive, I agree, I have been seeing a lot about minimalism, I think the only thing we can do is be happy with less. To do things that make us happy. To do small things that make a big difference, doing things that scare us, but make a huge difference.