Verbally abused

Not sure where to begin, I know I am being verbally abused, and can not get him to stop..I love him and the thought of him out of my life tears me up and being with him tears me up. He has me trully doubting my self as if I am the one with the problem....I have very low self esteem right now, and not sure what to do..I called a few places this morning looking for a support group and no suck luck.


any sort of abuse is not good for the soul, verbal abuse is one of the hardest as it makes u have self doubts and there fore makes u uncertain of how to proceed and u find the world shrinking so u dont get the lashback of hurtful words, that takes its toll on your nerves and leads to a whole host of problems that u dont want or need.

u need to find a way to deflect his actions so that they dont impact on you to the extent that they are doing, and believe in yourself. sadly u might find that u have to take the final step and leave to regain your own peace of mind, i understand that u dont want to do that because u love him but does he truely love u if he can do this? would u treat your worst enemy as this man treats u? no loving relationship can be sustained if one party is puttin the other down weather its verbally or physically its wrong, prehaps when u are ready u could expand your post and others will have ideas for u to try but meanwhile

welcome to support group

loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

what you said sounds so true but i cant get myself to move past the pain he puts me through. I also love my husband but he told me that he loves me but NOT inlove with me. what does that mean anyway. I am so inlove with him that i am so upset that he changed over night. he has girls call him all the time, i think he does it just to hurt me. And he is doing a great job of that. How do i get him to notice me again. We have been together for 5 years and they were wonderful up until july of this year. He just changed over night. He says it is him and he cant explain it but i cant help but feel it is my faul somehow. please help me understand alittle bit if you can. Thank you and contact me if you can so maybe we can talk. bye for now i am going to cry again. life is so hurt…


oh poppet its hard when situations change and u cant put your finger on it, i suppose the first question is did anything happen in july to make this change apparent in your lives? its not your fault and what ever he is going thru u need to remind yourself of that, have u outside the marriage interests that give u reinforced self worth? if he became unemployed or was put on short time he might be using these women to prop up his ego and his own sense of self worth or did something happen where he feels the need to be a man?

loving someone is a pale version of being inlove we all love that dress/hairstyle etc and we love our friends meaning we enjoy the time we spend with them but not to the extent they rule our lives, whereas being in love makes everything better even if we look like we have been dragged thru a hedge backwards we are still sexy and fanciable to our partners, we want whats best for them and sometimes have to make the ultimate sacrifice to let them go parents do it all the time when their young fly the nest, being inlove means u give your last breath so they can live but it doenst work if both of u are not on the same page,

keep posting hon i know its a hard time but it can only get better

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)


You say you have been married 5 yrs and he has girl's call him..SOMETHING is VERY wrong with this picture. Abuse is abuse and it most cases other forms of abuse are occuring. I suggest you check out the power and control wheel. It sure opened my eyes. Im sorry you are hurting but wish you could see. It took me many yrs into the marriage to FINALLY see the abuse and NO ONE deserves to be treated that way. I know how much it hurts ..emotional abuse leaves DEEP scars I am almost 9 mths out of my marriage and the scars are still there the emotional abuse was very damaging to me to my self worth. he made me feel worthless and I loved him "HOW" can someone treat someone like that and be so hurtful. the reality hurts just as much I finally realized he was not willing to change I was not worth it..I wasn't worth anything to him REALITY hurt.
All I ever wanted was to just be LOVED why is it so hard for someone to just LOVE. When there is nothing but blame and anger... mind games...silent treatment (which by the way is pure HELL) Im sure you get the picture. Im sorry to make this about me..what Im trying to say Correna is that You are worthy of more if he being verbally abusive and you are questioning what you have done ..well I did that too and it was all mind games he played.
If he isn't willing to change DOMESTIC is right it can't work if your both not on the same page.

Keep shareing took me some time to see that I am worthy of more..I hope you can see that soon for yourself.

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