Well, I've been struggling with the sugar again . . . I can'

Well, I've been struggling with the sugar again . . . I can't believe how easy it is to get hooked back on it right away. I must have an addictive personality. Luckily my counselor is coincidentally a specialist in addiction recovery (not why I chose her or what i talked with her about for the first year of our work together) . . . anyway, I just can't have sugar . . . I love the taste and the way it makes me feel . . . one "treat" and I'm like "when can I have it again?" I feel ashamed and concerned . . . I thought I was stronger than that . . . but I'm going to admit this weakness here (and with my counselor) . . .

I had no sugar today . . . and the only carbs I had were veggies and nuts (had too many of the latter, but munching on those kept me from going out and buying ice cream or chocolates or chips). Tomorrow is a new day and I know the cravings will be just as strong come the afternoon, so I hope to prepare myself again and stay strong through the night. It takes me about 2 weeks to kick the sugar cravings . . . so . . . one day down . . .

How are you guys doing tonight?

how are you doing today? under control?

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@norseduncan Yes, thank you. Today is day 3 of being sugar and dairy free. Every evening I come very close to going out and getting ice cream. I know this sounds silly, but it’s true. i just remember it’s not about the calories and weight gain (although I don’t like those, they just have never been much of a deterrent), but I suspect dairy is one of the things that causes malabsorption of minerals (due to mucus and inflammation and messing with my hormones). Based on past experience, after about two weeks of abstaining from both those foods, the cravings should go away. :slight_smile: If I mess up tomorrow, I’ll start over . . . taking it one day at a time.

Next thing to give up (and I suspect it may even be a root cause of many of my problems): Caffeine (especially, coffee . . . :frowning: . . . this makes me sad as I truly love the taste and ritual of coffee. It’s incredibly difficult to give up especially when you have low ferritin levels (and other minerals) as well as low T3 since those deficiencies cause a lot of fatigue . . . (not coincidentally, caffeine has been proven to diminish absorption of iron, deplete storage of it (along with other minerals), and also cause reverse T3 to spike (which puts a halt to the production of T3 (a thyroid hormone) in the body. So a lot of hypothyroid patients are stuck in a cycle (possibly initiating or at the very least contributing to the hypothyroid state with coffee and then once fatigued from it, depending on the coffee to keep going).

I’ve been especially fatigued this past week and a half and have high inflammation . . . so I’ve decided I just have to suck it up now and I’m not going to plan anything outside of work . . .that way I can just be a zombie for a bit of time as my body adjusts itself (thinking positively) . . . also been reading up on foods and teas that are sources of the minerals I’m low on (and help T3) or support their absorption, retention, and/or balance. I have been trying to jump start this for a few weeks now . . . so it may not happen right away . . . it truly is a chemical imbalance difficult to manage while working . . .

I shall end with a note of gratitude:

  1. I have accomplished 3 days off sugar and dairy for which I’m thankful
  2. The main symptom I’m combatting right now is extreme fatigue (we all know there are far worse things)
  3. And thank you, @norseduncan, for asking how I’m doing regarding this :slight_smile: I hope that you are having a lovely evening.

good for you! im not giving up coffee for nothin! but that's me. ive never had a sweet tooth, though I could salt salt. keep at this and see how you feel, and know that we are all behind you

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Thank you, @norseduncan . :slight_smile: I understand the attachment to coffee. Yeah, I will succeed in giving it up at some point and I will definitely share if there is a noticeable difference in my mineral and hormone levels (in case it’s helpful to anyone in support groups). Cheers :slight_smile: