What causes need for validation

I developed a weird trend of seeking some kind of satisfaction from having a woman in my life. Not sure what caused it. Probably lots of reasons. Can the death of a mother in childhood result in a man craving female attention in adulthood and getting involved in impulsive and excessive sexual related stuff?

I think that death and grief could cause a lot of things on the flip side, I think that if you have an issue, it can be helpful to find its root cause, but ultimately it isn’t an excuse not to try and fix it. Does that make sense?

Trust me I’m not using it as an excuse. I am trying to find the root cause immediately to fix it.

So ultimately you are just not comfortable how much you need a person in your life?

Yes. It’s led to some reckless behaviour and it’s ended up hurting someone I care about deeply.

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It might have someone to do it. Take it easy on urself!!! Hugs

it could have lots of different reasons for root cause

traumatic things in ones life can cause things addictions. I recommend researching and finding a good therapist to help you really get to the root cause of things. In my case, what i felt the root cause was, it was not the main cause. My therapist helped me look deep and see other things.

you should definitely go for therapy

Therapy can help you relearn better coping behaviors Jason. Might be worth looking into.

Therapy is expensive and may not be practical. I tried CBT, and I thought it was useless. It was also for other issues though.

Online therapy isn’t that expensive depending on which company you go with. You can also get pretty specific help. But therapy is definitely not for everyone.

I think the answer is two things. First, that the lack of a female presence did affect you; it seems like we get some degree of gender worldview from our parent of the opposite gender. I am not completely sure. Two, the fact may simply be that you have been in a very rough period and you use sex to “cure” the misery. It is a difficult process, but it does start with saying, “I choose not to do it,” to excessive sexual activity.