When I had a drug test done it reminded me of my trauma some

When I had a drug test done it reminded me of my trauma somehow on top of me never doing that before and being anxious already. This truama may also be the reason I really hate the color mustard. I was wearing something that color when I was assaulted (sexually messed with)- whatever you want to call it.

Sorry I'm just everywhere today....

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Don't be. You're strong and we believe in you.

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I understand, you are sharing your thoughts of what you're experiencing and that's good because you are getting it out of your head. The best I can do is say those thoughts to myself I can't even share them here. Constantly having triggers about different kinds of trauma things like words, a certain look from someone, normal everyday actions, clothes I was wearing when things were going on, commercials, my own thoughts, nightmares.
I'm sorry you have to deal with trauma I know it's really a pain

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@Fohb460 It helps to know that I’m not alone. Thanks for the reminder.

When I tried to tell someone about what happened it didn’t go well. I admit I’m bad at explaining things sometimes.