When will this pain, emptiness and loneliness go away?

When will this pain, emptiness and loneliness go away?

Be patient with yourself. Let me assure you, in time, it will get better. It's a process and everyone has a different timeframe. I was in a narc relationship for 15 years and I left in November 2014. His abuse only worsened as time went on and it came to a point of almost total self destruction, I didn't eat or sleep right, disparity, no self esteem, total self blame and doubt and thought I deserved all his punishments and treatment. I was already lonely with his silent treatment for months on end. It's a tough journey, but so much clarity comes into play. I know I am not to blame for his anger and abuse, and there's no more dramas or walking on eggshells. NC is extremely important in healing.

The minute you start applying no contact is the minute the healing process. It takes time and patience. The most important things to focus on yourself and don't look back. They are not worth our time.

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Im with you. Each time in the last week i broke no contact - i was even MORE angry. small doses of pain and misery. Gives an inch takes back two. Enough is enough. now, back to day 1 no contact today. Grey rock isnt working. its too risky,

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@violet2016 Good. Glad to hear you are going back to total NC. It’s the only way to go. This way he can’t get to you. If you hear something that upsets you, you know that you have all of us to lean on. We’ll always have your back. Good Luck

Takes different times for different people but I promise it will go away - hang in there xxx