While I don’t see myself as a food addict, I do have an ea

While I don’t see myself as a food addict, I do have an eating disorder.
Right now I am overweight.
I used to binge because I got the wrong message along time ago that binging was a good thing.
Crazy I know.
So now that I have come to accept I do have an eating disorder, I can work on it.

More on that later.

Maybe just get out to an exercise place. I felt better when i was doing more exercises.

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Really proud of you, it is hard when your food and eating patterns were so poorly influenced as a child. I just changed pediatricians for that reason and a few others. I didn't love how they talked about body image and weight. My kids have very different body types and the doctor straight up told my youngest that they needed to maintain their weight through the year. We have gotten rid of the scale and while we stress eating healthy, we don't harp on what they eat. We have healthy options and desserts are not frowned upon. Salad with most dinners and fruit all the time. I just want them to love their bodies and eat well. Anyway, my two cents.

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@CKBlossom I wish someone had done this for me as a child.