I have been gambling, for about 20 yrs it started out simple playing bingo with friends where it has lead is some where total different, I have now found casino's which takes a large amount of money and time, the damage that I have done to my friends and family is unbelivable, I have lied and stole which are not things that are part of my character I can't borrow money from friends even when things get really rough, they don't believe that I will pay them back, I don't blame them cause as soon as I get money I am back at the casino trying to cover my losses, I think of myself as a smart person and can not believe that this can have so much control over my life. I am not the type of person who can sit in a room and tell a bunch of strangers my problem so this seemed like a better way to get help if anyone has beat this thing let me know how I am willing to try ......

Thanks for reading........

welcome liz08, i know the ugly monster of addiction although mine is of a different nature its still addition and yes we lie, we cheat, we steal, manipulate on the list goes on. so glad you decided to join the group. wonderful people here that can lend there support. and maybe this could lead to you eventually hitting some ga meetings. with my addiction i had the same thought i did'nt want to share with a bunch of strangers nor did i want to hear about their problems as i had my own......but those meetings i did end up back there it just tool another 13 yrs of the insanity ....saved my life. at this point i had control over my addiction one day at a time it does not have control over me. please feel free to share as much or as little as you like what ever makes you comfortable.

Hello liz
I have some tips that has worked for me about gambling:
**Tear up debit cards and just have cash
**Give yourself a allowance of 10 cash
**When you get extra money..spend it soon by paying a bill, or groceries, gas or by yourself something
**Don't borrow from friends or family
**When you get the urge..go to a movie
Also, put on a piece of sticky paer the amount that you've lost over a year and carry that with you everywhere. Stick it in your car..and everytime you get the urge to go, look at that amount. Tell yourself that you're going to lose.
These have helped me a lot. It made me sick when I really thought about how much money I've wasted.

wow Liz, I practice most of those tips, but the sticky paper idea is fabulous! I hope you don’t mind if I share that with my GA group this week. What a great idea and NEW tip I hadn’t heard of before. Thanks for sharing.
I am grateful!