Yesterday, I threw out my stash of goodies and made sure I n

Yesterday, I threw out my stash of goodies and made sure I no longer kept coins or cash in my wallet so I wouldn't buy anything from the vending machine at work. I am very proud of myself and it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Once I got home from work, however, my boyfriend brought up two plates of cookies. I couldn't resist! Then today, I went the whole day without sugar, all the way up until about a half hour ago when those same cookies beckoned me again. I do feel guilty and sick to my stomach, but I'm trying to remind myself that I should focus on the fact that I went so long without sugar today. It wasn't even a full day, but even a few minutes should be celebrated. I think it's going to help a lot to no longer buy myself sugary stuff though and only eat the stuff my family brings home or makes.

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I hope your boyfriend will help you and not tempt you with sugar. It took my husband a long time to get on board but so glad he did, he still eats sugar but when he shops he reads the ingredients and at least eats lower sugar.

@watergirl81 My boyfriend has actually been very supportive and understanding. He told me he was a bit apprehensive about bringing home the cookies, but we live in a house of lots of people, so it wasn’t just like it was up to him and me to eat them all. When I told him that they were bothering me, he ate all the rest, haha. I’m sure he was grateful for the excuse :P. He gave up alcohol about four years ago, so he knows a little bit of it’s like.
It’s so good that your husband got on board. I used to live with an uncle who just didn’t get it. He would pick on me endlessly about not eating sugar. It was frustrating and has led to me now constantly feeling like everyone thinks what I eat is ridiculous. It’s made it even more difficult for me to eat around other people.