Yesterday the worst binge of all time. Every time I put some

Yesterday the worst binge of all time. Every time I put something in mouth it's loaded with sugar. I need to absolutely get rid of everything I have in the refrigerator and cabinet and start over. UGH

What was the trigger?

@RecoveringRose I just have a overwhelming craving for sugar and I feed it. It all starts when I go to store and buy nothing but crap and then I shovel it in all day. Can’t continue like this at this rate because I will probably get diabetes which is the last thing I need. If I can just get past all the stuff at the store. Come on will power!!!

Hey @mebcatty,
How did today go? :)

@Eyni Well I gotta say on the positive side I did better than the day. Moving the right direction but I’m always trying to be better. Instead eating massive amounts of sugar is just had some. I can’t seem to throw away those ice cream sandwiches away along with the chocolate bars.

Ice cream is my favorite food in the whoooole wide world! Lolol...especially homemade ice milk. Yummy. I too suffer from the fear of becoming a diabetic. Sooooo I am also limiting my sugar and I'm drinking only water. No sod as, no juices. Been 2 days...hoping I loose a little by not drinking sugar and drinking lots of water. I'm up to 3 bottles a day. Need to get to 10 a day. :)

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@Dirb 10 bottles of water a day Wow! My stomach can’t hold that much. Soda and juice are on occasion. I can say I’ve never been a soda drinker but I make up that for sure with other sugary food. If I put soda and juice on top of all the other sugar I consume I would be a diabetic for sure.