Fear of ending up in a relationship with a wrong person

I’m a 19 year old college student, who broke up with first boyfriend last year due to my mental illness. If I really want to have another romantic partner, I end up avoiding for multiple reasons: being cheated on, could be a child predator/murderer, narcissist, or lack any understanding of mental health (I’m a self-diagnosed OCD). If I want to discuss about women’s problems (just misogyny or sexism), I only want him to be on our side, rather than brush us off. I only know a few that care about our rights, but it’s SOOOOOOOOO rare to find genuine guys nowadays. Most of men either hate us and berate us.

From Romantic Relationships to Cheating & Infidelity

Sometimes when that is what you expect to find, that is what you find, but I have found that most men I surround myself with are lovely and those we aren’t I attempt to educate.

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i am so sorry that men have given you the impress that they hate or berate you. I can say, men mature more slowly than women. so any college age man would be several years behind in maturity. I know i was for sure, so immature in college years.

I’m not getting any clue of what you’re saying. What do you mean by that?

Just for a better clarity, my first boyfriend is a good person, so that doesn’t include him. But, damn, I guess I’ll have to wait for myself to reach my mid-20s because I think people develop full maturity at 25, but we’ll see, I suppose.

Surround yourself with good guys and try to teach the rest in a nice way. Also, I was saying that if you tend to expect guys to be idiots your threshold for idiots is high because you are mentally like, yep, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

That’s easy to say. Then how am I supposed to expect to surround myself with good guys if I’ve had male classmates emotionally and verbally bullying me throughout my entire school life? It’s the only reason why I hate most Lithuanian dudes.

Thats why i prefer girls mostly, but my boyfriend is ftm and i have another friend who is, and they are better man, you could search for someone who already had surgery, if the female body doesnt appeal to you, but i gotta say that after a while you kinda disconnect the two and you see the person as what it is

Why lithuanians specifically? Are you in the country?

Yes, and I’m Lithuanian myself. Guys, in there, act like fucking douchebags, no matter how old they are, they’re just fucking childish. If I were to find a feminine guy, there would be 1% that he would show interest in me (most of them are queer).

Hello @KidDJ. We are sorry to hear about this experience. It can be extremely difficult to involve yourself in a relationship where you are not only anxious about it, but also struggling with your mental health. Rest assured, there are plenty of people out there who understand your struggle, its just about finding them. We are here for you.

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I am a bit older been with the wrong guy afraid of going there again but there are good men still out there . Just got to take things slow and give men a chance . when you meet someone ask a friend or families opinion of the guy .

First relationship was healthy, but doesn’t make it less scary when I’m single.

Sometimes life choices are scary… wanted or not. And there are a lot of situations in day to day life when it’s a choice of being scared of being in a relationship or being lonely because you aren’t.

You’re young. Find friends you trust and treat you well, and take your time on anything beyond friendship. I personally think a lot of younger guys deal with the same feelings, so it’s not just you. Both men and women have to find that level of respect and comfort they desire, and it’s not always easy.

Even at the friendship level, the warning signs show up over time. As I’ve aged I reached a point where I have fewer and fewer friends. But the ones I do have are friends that fit with my life, not the ones that will take and take and never give back.

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I think you said that beautifully. Glad your back.

I only have a few, but I crave for romance because I want it and I deserve it. At least I hope God gifts me even the most precious jewel that I will keep forever.

I usually check in from time to time. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I understand men being douche, depending on the country you are it cant be really difficult. I pretty much have a list to what i want my partners to be and tho it takes long, you might find someone that aligns with you, it might also be good to find someone older, men specifically dont really age well until they are in their 30’s, maybe a queer guy is all you need! Good luck on your findings and sorry i cant help much, maybe you might need a woman by your side lol

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You are YOUNGG. Most guys nowadays act weird, have no standards or loyalty.You do not need to be in a relationship FOCUS ON YOURSELFFF. Just smash your goald and live your life. If it is supposed to happen it will. Invest in therapy , find yourself.

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