Im tired of who i am

I will start by giving an example: I dont empathize how the website looks anymore, i liked the green and simple design, it was better to use and simpler, now it looks empathize every other webiste with round boards that i hate.
This is me complaining, i complain about everything all the time and im getting tired of it. Its not leading me anywhere, just sinking relations and creating a bad environment around me. People at work dont take what i said seriously, empathize, i was changed rooms to be closer to the coordinator, cuz im a problematic teacher and they want to hear my classes. Problem is, the room doesnt have any ventilation, there is a fan but its loud and it will probably bring up the dust and im allergic, i said i was allergic many times, they saw me sneeze all day once, and i was put in that room, bc im problematic and everything that comes out of my mouth is a complaint about something, and im tired of being that person. Has anyone gone thru something similar? I know the solution is just stopping but its really hard. And its very difficult to find where to post here now since everything is put together.

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I don’t empathize the new layout either, and I agree how the older one was better enough for us to navigate.

I haven’t gone through something similar empathize you are at the moment. You should probably not work there anymore, because of the way of their thinking that you’re “problematic” isn’t justifiable.

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Maybe you need a change in your life for your comment I find that this website is very useful but it’s difficult too. If they kepted everything they had the same way but change the color. I would have been happy with that alone.

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There is nothing wrong with who you are. It’s okay to complain. We need people who are able to stand up and say when something is NOT ok, but the key, is HOW you complain. How you state what isn’t ok, and how you provide that feedback. There are entire degree programs geared specifically towards that, and diplomacy is a very important trait to learn. It’s rhe difference between being in an office where you have dust allergies versus getting a promotion for finding solutions for the problems you see. Every time you want to complain, think to yourself, what is the solution? And instead of complaining propose an idea for “improving” something, that will benefit everyone. You have to state the motive as something that will benefit other people. Why? Because right now they’ve labeled you as someone who just “complains”. For your dust allergies, you could say, "thank you so much for switching me to this classroom so I could receive more support, hpwever I noticed that the heater is extremely loud and blows dust up. Many students are having trouble hearing me, and could develop dust allergies just empathize I have. Is there a place I can put in a work order to have the heater replaced? " Sandwich method: say something positive, point out a concern, propose a solution.

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you sound young. there is NOTHING wrong with you!

you’re just a very “Defined Person”. I too am similar to you. i am 67.

i learned to keep to myself. i too am allergic to dust and all sorts of stuff. in conclusion: “Don’t Back Down”! learn to navigate around it. i know someone who is 92 and hates Everything and complains about Everything!

about this URL, it suxs! i’m not sure how much longer i will be here. i was a moderator for another group and the consensus there is the same. THEY HATE IT. this URL was created by a bunch of “Kids” who know nothing about a “Support Group” but wanted to take it over and try to learn as they go on how to create a support group. THEY ARE FAILING MISERABLY at the expense of those In Need.

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no need to say you are sorry
anytime anywhere just say what you want and don’t worry about what others think of you.

Im saying that, not them, bc thats how i feel there sometimes, the thing is that i cant find another job, its difficult for people with college and everything, imagine for me without all of that

I do need a change in my life, question is: how? Where do i start when i cant do anything

I do that, and that had led to nothing but trouble most of the times, im always thinking about what others think of me, im not that grown to not care, sadly

I thought about that too, about being the way i complain, another problem is that im a company that people dont get promoted, we are teachers and there is that, max you get is coordinator, the owner doesnt care and the other employees also dont, so its difficult. The managers and coordinators know there is no way to change the place we work, and instead of trying they just accept and work, giving themselves treats they can buy with the small salary we get, and that is not the life i want for me, i dont want to agree with everything in every company bc people refuse to listen and change, i cant deal with that

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Yeah. People want evidence of abilities, which often if you have years of experience it can qualify you, but you can speed thst up by getting a diploma of some skrt of profession. I recomend dental hygeinist. You can find a job anywhere and it’s paid well, as an example. Theres also lab technicians, who clean up needles and stuff like that, or x ray technicians, more examples of 1 year diplomas. If you need a place to start, try looking up colleges or universities near you and seeing what programs they offer and if they offer work placements or coops. Just somewhere to start. Try writing down what kind of jobs youd get afterwards, and try to imagine yourself doing those jobs. Ask people who are in those jobs what their job is like. E.g. you could go to a hospital to ask someone if they have a couple minutes to talk. Or if theres some job that always looked cool to you, take a chance. Theres even online programs these days that require job shadowing or co op. And workplaces are given a certain incentive, often funding from the governmemt to take students.

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I am so sorry you’re going through this. How long has this been going on? How old are you? I ask because I went through a similar phase. First, I am a 71 year old woman who has suffered with anxiety and depression my whole life. In my early 50s, I went through a time where everything irritated me, I hated anything that changed and I was miserable. I angered easily which was definitely not me. I cried in frustration and I was just so miserable. I went to my doctor and besides my depression and anxiety (I wasn’t medicated yet), I was now peri-menopausal. He gave me some kind of hormonal therapy, but I heard it caused cancer (not sure if that was true) and stopped taking it. Shortly thereafter, I went to a psychologist for my overall mental health condition. She suggested a little medication may help. She suggested a psychiatrist and it worked for me. It was not smooth sailing and I am not suggesting meds for everyone, but a trip to your doctor or a therapist might be a good first step. Best of luck.

Wow, gotta say I agree with you on the look of the site lol…it feels ‘McGivered up’ and not so much in the proper way. I also agree with you about being the ‘complainer’ - yep, right here. I SEE the problem and don’t keep it to myself bc hello- why can’t we talk about it and do something about it right??
People get too wrapped up in the status quo and do not expand their horizons…in a sense, people are fairly lazy and they live in fear projecting it to others. All of a sudden, decades go by and we’re still living like prehistoric man.

I’m very sorry to hear about being stuck in a room with crappy ventilation when you are sensitive to allergies…ugg the worst!
I hope you can soon smooth out some of these really challenging things.

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I’m just going to add, I think this is very good advice. I was let go from employment during covid and have not gone back working again. I’m petrified. I only have simple skills like Customer Service, some arts area kind of obsolete type jobs that are all done by AI now. Don’t think I have the stamina to do a 12-18mos Certification in any kind of ‘assistant job’ that you end up clearing $14 hour if you’re lucky. I have no idea what I could even do at this late point of my working life??!

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it can feel like that, but almost no companies are using AI, because the technology isn’t that developed and it makes a lot of errors. Many of us are resistant to it. So Id say have more confidence in your skills and experience. I dont think you need to retrain, you just need to cast the net as wide as possible and something will land, and even if it isnt the best thing, you can still apply for other positions while employed. You can do this. It’s funny because at my job, Im seeing how there are new and young people working, and now Im in my 30s I can see how …inexperienced people are. Like a little bit naive, and they just lack knowledge about reality vs the idealized version of things academia often strives to tell us things “should” be. So your experience is very valuable. That is a very big plus point for you, and you need to push yourself forward, almost like a detached AI :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the co op thing? Because we are from different countries im not sure all you said will work here, and i thought of some of that stuff, you might have given me an idea to put myself in the lab in an easier way that i forgot, thanks, i can kinda imagine myself doing anything and i feel like thats the problem

I tried throwing the nest at everything and it only worked after i was looking for something specific, people are only inexperienced bc companies dont give the chances to young folks anymore

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If you like arts and things you could find some courses on it, dont think that ai is ruining everything bc its really not and i hope we both find the answers we need. Best luck mate, im free to talk if you need it

co op is a part of some university or college programs, where as a part of graduation you have to work with some company getting work experience in your area of study. This is great, because it puts some real world experience on your resume. For the employers it’s good because they get some money from the government for doing it, and also get to see what you are like and dont have to hire you if they dont want to. Im not sure your country will have it, but try to see if your government website has student work placements etc., or see what companies are advertising it, in the field you want to work in, or see which fields they have work placements for and apply to study in those.

I hope it works out, I know that cycle of no work experience-not getting hired … very well.

Another way to bypass it, is to volunteer at the place you want to get hired.

Thanks for your insightful reply, it’s appreciated! If I could only sort out my insomnia to actually be able to get up and live a normal daily routine. I’m losing hope that I can ever recover and join humanity. Thinking about actually coworking on a team or whatever is mind-blowing and so scary to me. I really thought therapy would help me but it is so sloooooow. My confidence buried.

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